Rise Up Midwest is creating a coalition of organizations across the Midwest to work in coordination to advance clean energy policy action and market development. If your business, jurisdiction, nonprofit, or association agrees with the belief statements below, we encourage you to join us as a partner through our online form below. 

There is no cost to partnering, and Rise Up will solely use your organization’s name in conjunction with these belief statements.  Partnership is available to all institutions, including Rise Up Sponsors, Promotional Partners, and MREA Business Members, as well as institutions that are unable to support this movement financially.

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We believe that we need swift and strategic state and local investment in clean energy and grid modernization. We need well-designed energy laws that increase investments in local clean energy. Solar energy, energy efficiency, and grid modernization are a feasible and cost-effective way to improve reliability and increase the economic development benefits of energy investments. Community participation in the decision-making processes will help ensure widespread ownership as investors and beneficiaries of local energy projects. 

We believe that our efforts must provide real and durable solutions that help resolve social and economic inequity. Clean energy work must prioritize opportunity, investment, and jobs for communities most in need. A local, clean energy response represents a clear opportunity to create a system that benefits everyone. 

We believe that the clean energy industry has the capacity to create significant local employment opportunities that contribute to a prosperous economy. Energy efficiency and distributed energy technologies are market-ready, cost-effective, affordable, and scalable in all market sectors. The transition to a clean and distributed energy system must prioritize transitioning energy jobs and developing new employment opportunities. 

We believe in working together to educate and engage the public, focusing on local and state actions to create the energy economy of the future. We believe that by working together, engaging the public with meaningful educational resources, avoiding partisanship, and focusing on local and state actions we can create market conditions that rapidly grow efficiency and distributed energy investments, create widespread employment opportunities, provide long-term utility rate-payer savings, reduce home and business energy expenses, and improve grid resiliency. 

We believe in the people of the Midwest and the places we live in and love. Rise Up Midwest! 


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The Midwest Renewable Energy Association (MREA) is a non-profit organization with the mission to promote renewable energy, energy efficiency, and sustainable living through education and demonstration.