Season 5 • Episode 10

About Season 5 Episode 10: E-Bikes

Did you know you don’t have to be a pro cyclist to keep up with the racers competing in the Tour de France? E-bikes are one of the best environmentally conscious transportation options that keep you fit while having fun. These electric bikes significantly reduce carbon emissions, decrease air and noise pollution, and use less energy and resources for production and maintenance compared to traditional vehicles. Plus, they offer an efficient, cost-effective alternative to driving, making them a smart choice for both your health and the planet.

In this final episode of season five, hear from Matthew Penniman, Communications and Advocacy Director at the League of Michigan Bicyclists, as he discusses the importance of e-bikes, technology advancements, costs, and the adoption of a new transportation system.

About Our Guest: Matthew Penniman

A passionate cyclist and communication strategist, Matthew Penniman assumed the role of Communications and Advocacy Director at the League of Michigan Bicyclists in 2018. With a diverse skill set encompassing project planning, organizational psychology, strategic engagement, and more, Matthew is dedicated to advancing ethical messaging within the nonprofit sector and community development initiatives.

Penniman’s advocacy extends to promoting riding safety and illustrating the broader community benefits of increased bicycle usage. As a pivotal member of the League of Michigan Bicyclists, he champions the importance of bicycling in creating healthier, more connected communities and advocating for bicycle-friendly policies at the State Capitol in Lansing.

Episode Chapters:

0:00 Matt Penniman Introduction

1:19 League of Michigan Bicyclists

3:44 Why are bicycles important?

4:47 The League’s priorities

6:35 Tensions between road users

8:31 Technology advancements in mobility

9:58 Consumer considerations

13:50 Changes in electric bikes

15:09 Battery range estimations

18:02 Cost range

18:47 Form factors

21:37 Adapting the transportation system

23:15 Communities leading the way on micro mobility

24:00 Future vision for micro mobility and bicycles

25:46 Additional resources and closing thoughts

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