Season 5 • Episode 8

Cold Climate Heat Pumps


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About Season 5 Episode 8: Cold Climate Heat Pumps

Renewable energy technology has come a long way over the years. One such advancement — cold climate heat pumps — are no different and can offer homeowners an efficient and economical way to heat and cool their home while reducing carbon emissions.

Learn everything you need to know about heat pumps including how they work, different configurations, available incentives, and barriers to adoption in this week’s episode of the Rise Up Podcast featuring Justin Margolies, senior product developer at Slipstream.

About Our Guest: Justin Margolies

As the Senior Product Developer at Slipstream, Justin specializes in conducting research on emerging technologies and developing programs and solutions for residential heat pumps. His primary focus is on advancing the organization’s mission by collaborating with utilities, local and state governments, regulatory bodies, and communities to facilitate sustainable market transformation. Justin is deeply committed to bridging the gap between research outcomes and widespread impact in the realm of clean energy transition. His goal is to drive responsible market growth and enhance the adoption of heat pump technology for both space and water heating applications.

Justin leverages his extensive experience in the clean energy sector to drive innovation in beneficial electrification research and solution development. He holds a Master of Arts in Agriculture and Applied Economics from the University of Wisconsin-Madison, complemented by a Bachelor of Arts in International Studies from Macalester College.

Episode Chapters:

0:00 Justin Margolies Introduction

1:36 Slipstream and Justin’s work

2:56 How does a heat pump work?

3:58 Cold climate heat pump advancements

4:37 Measuring efficiency

7:34 Defrost cycle process

8:57 Heat pump configurations

11:06 Benefits of heat pumps

14:08 Barriers to adoption

17:43 Heat pump incentives

20:15 Customer considerations

22:52 Other heat pump styles

26:06 Beneficial electrification

28:11 Closing thoughts

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