Season 5 • Episode 5

Financing Home Electrification Projects


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About Season 5 Episode 5: Financing Home Electrification Projects

So you want to finance a home electrification project but don’t know where to start? Well, you’re in luck! In this episode of the Rise Up Podcast, Nick Hylla talks to Nicole Burford, VP of Market Development and Sustainability at Clean Energy Credit Union, about what consumers should know before taking out a clean energy loan, how to determine the best financing, and the impact of where to do your banking.

Did you know MREA Members are eligible to join the Clean Energy Credit Union and secure a loan for a clean energy product or service? Now you do! Learn more and join as a member today!

About Our Guest: Nicole Burford

Nicole is the Senior Director of Marketing and Sustainability at Clean Energy Credit Union. Nicole has over 10 years of marketing experience spread across a variety of industries. At Clean Energy Credit Union, Nicole oversees and leads the development of company-wide sustainability and marketing practices. Nicole implements programs to increase the awareness of the credit union’s mission, while also fostering relations with the communities it serves.

After studying Advertising and Communications at Iowa State University, Nicole was one of 30 students nationwide accepted to Gannet’s Talent Development Program where she began her career as a Digital Strategist at Register Media. When she relocated to Colorado, she worked at a digital agency where she had the opportunity to help clients with their digital marketing efforts.

In her current position, Nicole collaborates with external partners of the Clean Energy Credit Union to enhance member experience. Nicole is passionate about the environment and fighting climate change. This passion drew her to Clean Energy Credit Union’s mission. She is involved in a variety of environmental organizations and is happy to be working for a not-for-profit business that is helping to combat climate change and create a more sustainable future.

Episode Chapters:

00:00 Nicole Burford Introduction

01:18 About Clean Energy Credit Union

04:11 What makes CECU unique

06:06 Changes in lending

9:18 Working with Inclusive

10:39 Considerations before taking on a loan

15:10 What else should a consumer know?

17:33 How to determine the best financing

20:11 Clean Energy for All loan program

24:39 Greenhouse Gas Reduction Fund

28:35 Impact of where you do your banking

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