Nick Hylla, MREA Executive Director and Rise Up Podcast host, led Rise Up Live Events and a live panel during The Energy Fair! Participants had the opportunity to hear from the guests of Season 4 throughout the weekend, followed by a Q&A session on Sunday. The panel featured the guests from Rise Up Season 4, creating an enlightening discussion on the topic.


Season 4 Episode 6 – Small Modular Nuclear Reactors

Season 4 Episode 6 – Small Modular Nuclear Reactors

Discover the future of nuclear energy in the US as we explore its declining share in the global portfolio, financial pressures, and critical public policy questions. Join our experts as they discuss the role of US nuclear in a low-carbon electricity future, the potential of small modular reactors, and the challenges faced by the industry. Tune in for insights from Paul Wisconsin, Grainger Professor of Nuclear Engineering, and David Schlissel, Director of Resource Planning Analysis. Don’t miss this engaging discussion on the present and future of nuclear power.

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