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Season 4 • Episode 4

Electric Vehicles


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About Episode 4: Rev Up Your Knowledge on Electric Vehicles

As compelling as electric vehicles are, electrifying transportation presents significant policy and market development challenges. EVs represent just over 5% of passenger vehicles on US roads. This is an amazing accomplishment for the industry over the past 5 years but increasing the percentage to 2/3 of new vehicles by 2032 as the EPA is planning for faces real roadblocks.  

Labor issues, supply chain constraints, charging reliability, legal challenges, political opposition, and sticker price are each challenges that the industry, supported by recent federal legislation, is working to address.  

With such a daunting list of challenges, the biggest question might beDo we have the talent, vision, tenacity, and capacity to tackle these challenges and take full advantage of the opportunity presented by electric transportation?” After talking with Jane McCurry, the Executive Director of Clean Fuels Michigan, our answer quickly became “Absolutely we do!” I think you’ll see what we mean. 


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About Our Guest:

Jane McCurry, Executive Director of Clean Fuels Michigan

Jane is the Executive Director of Clean Fuels Michigan, a nonprofit trade association dedicated to expanding the clean mobility industries. Jane is also appointed to the Michigan Council on Future Mobility and Electrification to represent policy and technology interests. Before these roles, Jane was the electric vehicles program manager at RENEW Wisconsin. Jane has degrees in Operations and Technology Management and Environmental Studies from the University of Wisconsin. 

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