Renewable energy company Arcadia recently published results of their data analysis using 12 months of historical energy bill data from approximately 10,000 of its members across 13 of the largest metropolitan areas in the nation. They compared energy usage and bills both before as well as after national lockdowns began.

Their results predict a significant increase in home energy consumption through summer 2020. Households in these cities could see spikes of up to $40 per month throughout the summer. 

missingArcadia estimated summer utility bill spikes across 13 of the largest U.S. metro areas using the bill history of 10,000 households. via

In a time where the future of the office is more uncertain than ever, where the home-office has become the new office, and where unemployment has been at unprecedented levels, we are seeing electricity cost burdens shifting away from employers and onto home employees or the unemployed.

With impacts like these in mind, Rise Up Midwest! advocates for programs and policies that expand access to energy efficiency and distributed energy for households and small businesses. More than ever, we can create jobs and reduce operating expenses for some of the most vulnerable and impacted communities. 

This includes highlighting the recent expansion of the MN Solar Rewards program, the Iowa Solar Net Metering Legislation, and advocating for the expansion of the Wisconsin Focus on Energy Program. It also means prioritizing opportunity, investment, and jobs for communities most in need.


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