Let’s grow “Main Street” energy investment and grid modernization in response to the COVID-19 recession. We are confident this effort can stabilize and grow the clean energy industry. By providing detailed justification of need, developing widespread stakeholder and public support, and advancing regional programs and policies that work, the MREA, alongside or partners can create conditions for immediate and market enabling action. 


We need a swift and strategic response to stem a widespread economic downturn:

The COVID-19 threat and the public response to it have created conditions for a recession that will put stress on public services and private businesses, dramatically increasing unemployment.

The clean energy industry has the capacity:

Energy efficiency and distributed energy technologies and applications are proven, affordable, and market ready. The industry is widespread and has the capacity to grow quickly in rural and urban areas.

Home performance and energy use are now critically important to household and business budgets:

Physical distancing requirements and working from home have placed priority importance on home comfort, performance, and efficiency as critical to business operations.

The public and many state leaders support clean energy:

Investments in clean energy are strongly supported by the public and state policymakers. The benefits to home, business, and utility ratepayers are well documented.

The MREA is prepared to lead the movement immediately:

By leveraging our current programs and partnerships, we will lead a coalition that creates positive and lasting investments and widespread employment opportunities across the Midwest.


The energy efficiency and distributed energy industries have the capacity to rapidly expand services resulting in increased local investment, business growth, energy resiliency as well as employment opportunities in urban and rural communities across the region. Let’s put people to work. Let’s make home and business investments that reduce expenses for the long-term. Let’s build a strong and resilient electric grid that weathers future crises. Let’s invest our energy dollars locally. Let’s build an energy economy that best serves people and the places we live and love. Now is the time. To do this, state, local, and utility leadership across the Midwest must expand programs and advance policies that provide business opportunity and create market stability. 

Now is the time


Expand Access to Energy Efficiency and Distributed Energy for Households and Small Businesses.:

This includes highlighting the recent expansion of the MN Solar Rewards program, the Iowa Solar Net Metering Legislation, and advocating for the expansion of the Wisconsin Focus on Energy Program. 

Increase Advantageous Financing and Reduce Barriers for Local Energy Efficiency and Solar Energy Development:

This includes highlighting city actions such as the St. Louis Building Performance Standard, facilitating jurisdiction SolSmart designations, and promoting public-private financing partnerships such as the PACE Wisconsin program. 

Support Workforce Development Efforts that Expand Employment Access in Advanced Energy:

This includes promoting the Illinois Solar for All Program and the Minnesota Department of Corrections solar training efforts.

Provide Appropriate, Long-Term Compensation for Solar and Wind Energy:

This includes utility programs such as the PV Demand Credit in MN and state commission actions such as the long-term PURPA contracts for wind and solar facilities in Michigan.


Develop Partnerships with 100+ groups that share our beliefs that the expansion of energy efficiency and clean energy markets are a priority investment for an economic recovery. The focus will be on creating a groundswell of support to engage new groups in support of the effort. 

Develop and disseminate a publication, the Rise Up Midwest Call to Action, that provides detailed justification and outlines implementation roadmaps for clean energy and clean energy market development. We’ll work with a broad network of partners to share success stories, relevant research, case studies, and testimonials. 

Grow listenership for The Rise Up! Podcast to share perspectives, news, resources, and actions that provide greater context for our efforts. The podcast will share partner successes and efforts through interviews and program highlights, facilitating more widespread support and engagement. 

Grow and maintain a broad network of partners that are interested in receiving information and resources about energy efficiency and clean energy market development opportunities and taking actions as appropriate to their interest. 

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