When it comes to clean jobs, Illinois is falling behind. Right now, Illinois and Oregon are the only states in the country led by Democrats that haven’t committed to 100% clean energy by 2050. CEJA can change all of that — it will make Illinois carbon-free by 2030, create thousands of much-needed equitable jobs, and hold utilities accountable without raising taxes, hiking electric bills, or giving bailouts to corrupt utility companies.

As Illinois faces an economic and public health crisis, a racial and economic justice crisis, and a crisis of utility corruption, leaders of the Illinois General Assembly and the Illinois Clean Jobs Coalition (ICJC) continue to urge the state more than ever to pass the recently reintroduced Clean Energy Jobs Act (CEJA) by May 2021.

With a new Biden administration pursuing rapid federal action on the climate crisis, a clean jobs champion serving as the new Speaker of the Illinois House, and CEJA champions taking over leadership of the Illinois Legislative Black Caucus, the urgency and opportunity to pass CEJA is at an all-time high.

We’ve also compiled a comprehensive list of legislators who sponsored CEJA in the last session but haven’t yet re-upped their sponsorship this session. Contact each legislator and tell them you support CEJA. 


Bill Cunningham  Michael E. Hastings  Ann Gillespie  Jacqueline Y. Collins • Julie A. Morrison • Omar Aquino  David Koehler  Emil Jones III  Patricia Van Pelt  Laura Ellman  Melinda Bush  Robert Peters • Laura Fine  Mattie Hunter  Kimberly A. Lightford  Elgie R. Sims, Jr.  Ram Villivalam  Napoleon Harris III  Steve Stadelman   Antonio Muñoz   Robert F. Martwick  Celina Villanueva  Sara Feigenholtz


Carol Ammons  André Thapedi  Curtis J. Tarver II  Michael J. Zalewski • Maurice A. West II  Robert Martwick  Elizabeth Hernandez  Lawrence Walsh Jr.  Aaron M. Ortiz  Frances Ann Hurley  Anthony DeLuca  Natalie A. Manley  Edgar Gonzalez Jr.  Lakesia Collins

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