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The Rise Up! podcast brings real-time, relevant energy and policy information to Midwest stakeholders through an engaging and entertaining medium.  Episodes will share the latest in opinions, recent news, engaging interviews, relevant resources, strategies, Midwest success stories, and actions you can take.

Featured Episode: Local Energy Influence

How can your community gain influence over how your energy dollars are spent? It’s not easy. In this episode, we discuss how jurisdictions are harnessing their economic and political power to get more local, clean energy. We speak to Mathew Roberts from the Southeast Ohio Public Energy Council (SOPEC) about how the regional council of governments is making energy decisions locally.


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Local Energy Influence

How can your community gain influence over how your energy dollars are spent? It’s not easy. In this episode, we discuss how jurisdictions are harnessing their economic...

Credit Where Credit is Due

A simple policy known as net energy metering, or net metering, has helped hundreds of thousands of home and business owners in 38 states invest in solar electric...

Get Up and Try

How does a small kid from a small town make a positive and lasting impact on the lives of many people?  If you ask Tia Nelson, she’ll tell you that it is by using our...


The nation’s self-proclaimed industry of independence has never been more dependent. How can we regain control and stability in our energy markets?  Generate...

Physical Distancing, Social Uprising

It’s a beautiful grassroots movement to transition our energy economy into a local, resilient, clean, and reliable system that provides the greatest possible benefit to...

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